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This photograph can be seen at the Shark Museum which belongs to Vic Hislop, in Australia. How authentic this photo is ???    Your guess is good as mine.


Many thanks to Michi who sent us this photo of the actual article regarding this attack.

Story of the alleged attack coming soon....


A native boys disappears in a flurry of water as he is seized by a shark. It is impossible to verify the authenticity of this photograph, taken in 1901, but the attitudes of the other people seem to suggest that it may be genuine.
All sorts of things are found in sharks' stomachs, such as this human skull with the facial bones torn away. It is most unusual for attacks to affect the face and the head.
Desperate moments as helpers try to stem the flow of blood from Henri Bource's severed leg. Bource was attacked by a great white shark off the southern coast of Australia in November of 1964.

Henri Bource diving again after the attack the cost him his leg in 1964, hold open the mouth of a Great White shark- the species that almost ended his life. He claims that he is not bitter about the incident, saying simply that: "They [sharks] do what nature intended them to do...'

In 1983, the Natal shark Board brought up in its nets this formidable Bull Shark, weighting  116 Kg and 1.74 meters in length. During the autopsy, its stomach was found to contain 2.3 Kg of human flesh such as these dismembered feet. 

The injuries inflicted by a shark can be minor when they are due to chafing by its very rough skin. They become more serious as soon as the shark makes use of its formidable jaw.
The investigation following an attack begins with the examination of objects destroyed by the shark. Shown here an examination of a victims surfboard.
Injuries can be very serious, as seen in this case. This leg could not be saved and amputation was unavoidable.


The extent, the depth and the force of the attack are recorded( shown, a heavily mutilated leg).


The diameter of the wounds, the shape of their shredded internal slopes, the depth of the bites, weather single or multiple, etc are all examined after an attack.

Tooth fragments found in the wounds or bones are examined under the microscope or the scanner, and can indicate clearly the species responsible for the attack. (here a tooth fragment of a Great White Shark found in a wound during a surgery).




The above photos are the photos of Ron Dubois and here is his story of the attack..

I was surfing in Floridana Beach (between Melbourne and Sebastian) in
Florida on a Wednesday morning (...playing hooky). I was by myself and
paddling for a wave when a 7-8 foot bull shark (they determined from tooth
fragments) grabbed my right arm, wrenched my off my board and swam with my
arm locked in its mouth for about 100 feet. I finally got my arm out and
ended up having to paddle the 100 yards or so to the beach. There just
happened to be a guy fishing who witnessed the whole thing and carried me
into his beachhouse where he applied a tourniquet and wrapped me in a
blanket. I lost a tremendous amount of blood and it took the emergency crews
about 20 minutes to reach our location (seemed like 2 hours!!). Everything
turned out fine, about 6 months of hand therapy and I was back in the water.
Like many shark attack victims though, I had to work a few things out before
venturing back. Ultimately, my love for the ocean and its natural healing
process outweighed my fears.
  This is a picture of Michael Hely who was attacked while swimming in murky water at Inyoni Rocks near Amanzimtoti in South Africa by a Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas). The wounds healed four months later, without the need for skin grafting.


   Navy doctors work on a shark-bitten foot.
  Mutilated human body --- shark attack.


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Sharks are in danger of extinction, especially the Great White shark.

Throughout  the years Men have hunted the Great White, and other Sharks for Sport, Macho acts, Oil ,Fins, and fear. You must realize that men  kills over 100 million sharks annually compare with the 10-15 people killed by sharks each year.

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