I would like to take this opportunity and thank Mr. Charles Maxwell for allowing us to show some of his wonderful work on this site. Without his contribution we will not have such a great collection of photos. Please take a moment and visit Mr. Maxwell web site and learn more about him and his work.

Here is a small introduction to Mr, Maxwell and his work.

My name is Charles Maxwell. I began diving in 1968 and soon became interested in underwater photography. I was first involved with the making of a television production during 1987/8 while assisting Swiss film maker, Gerald Favre, in Namibia with "Le Souffle du Dragon" about the discovery of the largest underground lake in the world and "La Croix du Sud" about diving in South Africa.

I founded Underwater Video Services in 1989 to offer a much needed professional underwater video service to local and foreign production companies. I will personally assist you with your underwater videographic and photographic needs, both in and out of the water. During my lifelong involvement with the sea, I have built up numerous helpful contacts in both the academic and commercial marine fields. I have worked with many foreign production companies including the BBC, Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Society, ITN, French Television and German Television and many others as an underwater cameraman, supplier of stock footage and production facilitator.

Underwater Video Services is experienced in working with foreign production teams with regard to production co-ordination, permit applications, transport, accommodation and equipment and boat hire. We are members of the National Television Association and abide by their code of conduct.

Underwater Video Services also performs ship and pipeline video surveys to Lloyds Register of Shipping and other international inspection standards, general commercial diving work, underwater quality control and hydrographic surveys. Our clients include Eskom, Telkom, the Cape Town City Council, Prestedge Retief Dresner Wijnberg and other marine engineering consultants. We are registered with the Department of Manpower as a professional diving company. Our filming / diving boat is registered with the Department of Transport.