Adam Pontrelli was kind enough to share his adventure of diving with the great white. Here is the story as it appears on Adam's site.


Thanks so much to Adam Marcus who volunteered to accompany me on this great adventure.  I couldn't think of anyone better.  Adam, you were as enthusiastic and excited as I was and your past diving experience gave me a calm, comfortable and safe dive partner.  Not to mention, a great sense of humor.  See first picture of Adam giving Craig a container of guppy food to help bait the water.  Craig was a good sport and added it to the chum.

fshfood.jpg (17504 bytes)

Fish Food for Craig
sd3.jpg (20749 bytes)
Reach Out & Touch
sd5.jpg (22965 bytes)
Watch the Toes

sd6.jpg (22073 bytes)
Say Ahh

sharkgrab.jpg (28726 bytes)
Lucky Shot!

sd7.jpg (26805 bytes)
The Cage

sd8.jpg (21725 bytes)
Getting Ready
cage3.jpg (25750 bytes)
Getting In
incage.jpg (16333 bytes)
In The Cage

amap.jpg (25251 bytes)
Adams in the Cage

cage1.jpg (13711 bytes)
Peeka Boo
cage4.jpg (13367 bytes)
Cage Two
cage2.jpg (16455 bytes)
Cage Three
am1.jpg (25742 bytes)
Shark Wrangler

am3.jpg (24871 bytes)
Adam & Craig

am2.jpg (23942 bytes)
Shark Wrangler 2

sd4.jpg (16577 bytes)
Post Dive High
amap2.jpg (15928 bytes)
Post Dive Bliss

sdgroup.jpg (32054 bytes) 
Our Group

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View Adam's  moment of adventure video clip

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