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(AP) -- A shark bit a boogie boarder on the left ankle, tearing flesh down to the bone, hospital officials said.

Garry Turner, 24 of Portland swam back to the beach Saturday and was taken to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital in Lincoln City, and then sent by ambulance to Portland, said hospital spokesman Brandon Ford. Read the whole story on the news section of the site


Shark Attack deterring few swimmers


EMERALD ISLE — A suspected shark attack in Emerald Isle over the weekend isn’t keeping swimmers out of the beach town’s waters

Monday, vacationers ventured into the ocean near the site where 15-year-old Mary Katherine Strong of Greensboro was bitten Saturday by what a marine expert identified as a 6-to-7-foot bull shark.To read the full story click here.

June 10 2002

JENSEN BEACH -- A 10-year-old Port St. Lucie boy was in stable condition Sunday night after being attacked by a shark as he swam with a group of children 30 yards off the south end of the public beach.

The attack, among the first in Florida this spring, occurred hours earlier on a sunny afternoon when Jensen Beach was filled with sunbathers and swimmers. Yellow flags were posted as 2-foot seas came ashore. Some swimmers said bait fish could be seen in the water. more on this story.

April 30, 2002

ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) -- A shark dragged a man from his friend's arms and killed him Tuesday off Australia's southern coast, officials said.

The victim, a 23-year-old professional diver, was diving for scallops from an anchored boat with a friend when he was attacked by the shark, South Australia Ambulance spokesman Lee Francis said. More...

Shark Expert Seriously Injured by Shark in Bahamas
Fri Apr 12, 9:26 AM ET

MIAMI (Reuters) - A shark expert known for unusual research methods and "pushing the envelope" in his study of the feared marine predator's behavior was badly bitten by a shark in the Bahamas, colleagues said on Thursday Read the whole story in the news sections of the site..

Relentless shark attacks Deerfield Beach snorkeler

March 16 2002
A snorkeler hunting for sand dollars 300 yards off Deerfield Beach Friday morning became the prey of a 3-foot nurse shark.

Robert Land, 39, of Deerfield Beach, said he was swimming above a school of fish, when the shark lunged forward and clamped onto his left arm.Read the whole story in the news section of the site.


Turks and Caicos Islands.

A retired British policeman has survived a 33-hour capsize ordeal in shark-infested waters which claimed another man's life.

Philip Harding and three Caribbean policemen were washed overboard when their fishing boat was capsized by a freak wave off the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Two of the men tried to swim for help and one of them was killed by a shark. The other is still missing, some 96 hours after the capsize on Saturday. Read the whole story in the news section of the site.

SYDNEY, Australia

 -- A 35-year-old man has had a harrowing encounter with a shark while paddling a kayak in the habor waters just a few kilometers west of downtown Sydney.

The man was in in his kayak Thursday evening near the Cabarita Marina in the Parramatta River when the shark struck.

He was thrown into the water by the impact and then hit in the chest by the shark, which then began circling him as he swam for help. Read the story in the news section of the site.

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Pictures of the week - Some large Great Whites .

please note some of these photos are from 30 years ago. 

A 1470kg (3234lb) specimen which was lassoed near Albany, Australia by a West Australian Fisheries and Wildlife Officer.

A photo of a Great White swallowing a whole 2.10 Meters Dusky Shark. The Dusky Shark was hanging at the stern during a fishing competition. This is a photographic proof that a Great White shark can swallow a man whole. (I am 1.80 meters myself., thank god I wasn't hanging by the stern that day.)

How big was the largest Great White Shark caught and measured, and who caught it?

I get this question almost every day so I made a section just for that.

Click here to view some of the contenders.


Previous Pictures of the week-


** Two surfers in North Bondi, Australia freeze in terror as the dorsal fin of a shark cuts through the water close to them. The shark circled the 2 young men for about 40 minutes before a boat chased it out to sea. This amazing photo was taken by the Sydney Daily Telegraph.


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